Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yay for Spring!

Woo woo! It's spring as far as I'm concerned. The sun is out, I am wearing short sleeves, and my favorite spring candle is back in stock at Walmart!

The Febreze Winds & Springtime candle is absolutely, hands-down, the best candle I have ever purchased. I found it last spring and bought out the store, and have been (im)patiently waiting for them to come back.

Roughly $5 (and you can usually find a $1 coupon in the P&G Brand Saver insert), they're quite a bargain. The glass is nice and thick and feels expensive and there is no label attached to the glass- it looks pricey! The color is a gorgeous shade of pale green, and the scent is FANTASTIC and I feel bad each time I have to blow it out. Febreze promises up to 30 hours of burn time, and they're no kidding. These last forever and burn down cleanly and evenly.

What signals spring for you?

Disclosure: I purchased this candle with my own hard-earned cashola.


Rachael said...

Hmm. Will have to look for these! The no labels or corny designs is a plus.

We're having an early spring teaser today too - it's 60 degrees all the way up in Michigan! Probably jumped the gun a bit, but I wore open-toe heels to work, and it that has certainly put me in a good springy mood.

sprinkles said...

Our weekend weather was gorgeous which really got me in the springy mood! Every day since then has been really chilly!

I saw those candles at the store the other day. I've never used them before but I have a purple one that someone gave me as a gift. Smells so pretty that I hate to light it.

BabiesandBargains said...

I loved their fall candles I will have to look for these! I love the way their candles burn

Lipstick said...

This is what I need (and I love the no label part!). I got this goofy Sandalwood candle at Michael's for $5 at least six months ago and it was the best smelling thing EVER.

I haven't found one since and today when I was there I looked at their sandalwood candles and they stunk to high heaven.

I think it's time for Febreze.