Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If I like a TV show, you can bet it will be cancelled

Veronica Mars - I totally have a girl crush on Kristen Bell, and actually on Veronica Mars the character too. Absolutely my favorite show ever. The whole noir thing was cool, and the Logan angst took me back to 1992.

The Class - Normally Mr. Sasha and I are not into 30 minute sitcoms. We've liked Andrea Anders since she was on Joey, so when we heard she was on this one, we gave it a try- and loved it!

What About Brian- I love me some Barry Watson. Especially after The Haircut. Such a great show that Mr. Sasha and I watched together- he actually discovered this one. Witty sarcasm is what made this show great and we loved the whole Dave-Deena thing. It was like The OC for grown-ups.
Alias - What can I say? I know, I know, this show totally jumped the shark when Nadia was revealed to be Syd's sister, but before that? Best show on TV. Kept me on TWOP often. I was all about the spoilers, and the whole Rambaldi thing, and SD-6.... Good stuff.

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Kate said...

Dammit you must have liked Crossing Jordan then because the ass clowns at NBC cancelled that!! Thanks a whole bunch! :D I see on your blog that you're a hemangioma expert - our baby has a strawberry hemangioma by her left eye...its fate that we hooked up I tell ya!