Saturday, August 4, 2007

30 things about me

  1. I have an irrational fear of those moving circular door things (revolving doors???)- can't use them
  2. I am a cat person
  3. I do not like dogs, except LaVerne the golden retreiver
  4. I am not a fan of flowers being sent to me, I am way too thrifty
  5. However, I always carry Coach purses, because I figure my general thriftness balances out with my luxury items I can't live without
  6. I have to take my showers in the morning- I totally don't mind going to bed dirty
  7. I must have a canned Coke (full sugar version) to drink while I am getting ready in the AM- it's my coffee
  8. I don't eat anything green unless it contains sugar (green jello, green candy, etc)
  9. In fact, I don't eat any veggies except potatoes
  10. I could subsist on Skittles and Starburst
  11. My two baby toes are quite big because I have broken both of them, both times while drunk
  12. I can't drink wine because I get way drunk way fast and my face turns beet red after one sip
  13. However, I can drink me some beer
  14. I have a masters degree and am a CPA
  15. I am an only child
  16. So I made sure I did not have an only child because it is way too lonely growing up
  17. My dad is adopted
  18. I met Mr. Sasha first semester of my freshman year in college
  19. I was in a sorority, and served as VP my junior year
  20. I can tap dance
  21. I cannot do a cartwheel because I can't get that last hand off the ground
  22. I tend to get semi-obsessed with weight and most likely had an eating disorder in high school
  23. I am 5'2"
  24. My all-time favorite TV show is Friends
  25. I love reality TV
  26. I speed read and never actually read all the words- usually just the first and last sentence of each paragraph
  27. I freak out a little on Sunday afternoons after I read the Target, CVS and Walgreens circulars because I am overwhelmed by the deals I must take advantage of
  28. I most often spend my lunch hour running errands rather than relaxing
  29. I long for pretty straight hair that looks fashionable
  30. Really, I just wish I was a little bit cool

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Kate said...

Ok too weird....I was working (ie: reading the back posts on your blog) and I left the comment about fun Bobby this morning and read this later today - I totally didn't need to explain Fun Bobby...I shoulda known you'd love Friends since we are kindred souls blah blah the way I too am 5'2 (ok I lied, I'm 5'1.5")