Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My sense of smell must be hereditary

I must tell you that I have a crazy sense of smell.

I can't wear perfume or strongly scented lotion because smelling the same smell for any length of time makes me sick at my stomach.

I am also very sensitive to food smells- for instance I have forbidden Mr. Sasha from ever again cooking in my kitchen anything that swims. He cooked some salmon last year that I could smell for 2 weeks every time I walked in the house. I also can't throw away any food wrappings in my office trashcan at work because again, smelling popcorn for 4 hours will make me gag, so I have to cart all my food-related trash to the breakroom trashcan.

Anyway, the night we got back from Boston it was really late and the kids were asleep. The next morning The Politician came into our bedroom and crawled in bed between us. He sleepily said "Momma, you smell like Boston."

WTH? What does Boston smell like?

And just the other day, I got in bed with him for a bit to snuggle before he went to sleep, and he said "Momma, you smell like Mimi."

So I smell 58? Must have been my skincare routine. Time for some new moisturizer.

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