Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Side-effects of being a mom

So pretty often The Politician says something so fraking hilarious, I think, "I'll have to write about this on my blog! He is just as funny as The Big Kid!"

Night before last, Mr. Sasha and I choked at the dinner table because we were trying to hard not to laugh in his face.

But here's the thing- I totally forgot what he said. Can't even remotely remember what the situation was. And I've done that probably 5 times in the last week. This kid should be on Letterman, and I'm serious, but because I am barely keeping it all together, I can't recap the moment for you.

Here's one funny thing I can remember, because it happens each time we have pasta with red sauce, which is once a week or so because The Politician is the Carbohydrate Kid. Anytime, and I mean anytime, we have pasta with red sauce, The Politician strips off his shirt before coming to the table. Without prompting. Long ago, I got sick of doing laundry and all the steps it takes to remove stains, so I started taking his shirt off when we were having anything stain-ish, in an effort to save myself some time. I am now wondering if this is going to be a bad habit to break and if he is going to striping off his shirt when he goes to his girlfriend's house for dinner the first time in 2019.

So maybe the other stories will come back to me, but there are no promises. Because I will probably forget that I forgot.

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Rebecca said...

Sorry about that! I left myself a sticky note to add you to my blogroll, but obviously didn't write down all necessary information! Thanks for stopping by to correct was bugging me to have that broken link, but I couldn't figure out what the rest of it should be. I fixed your link now!