Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Run Like the Wind!

Mr. Sasha "before" the Couch to 5K Plan

Mr. Sasha "after" the Couch to 5K Plan

You may have noticed my little graphic on the side that says "Running Mom". After The Politician was born in 2003, I needed something to help me lose that pesky baby weight. Mr. Sasha (former college football player) suggested running and I reluctantly agreed to give it a try. Someone on the bargain board posted about the Couch to 5K plan from, where you go from being a couch potato to running a 5K, and I gave it a try.

I am telling you, it is the best! I am a former smoker (I know, I know, but it was so cool in the early 90s and honestly I still miss it terribly to this day, but I swear I'll never smoke again) and my chest would always feel like it was going to EXPLODE when I tried to run. But the C25K really really really teaches the beginner how to run. You have to take it slowly, and not get frustrated and quit. I promise this plan can teach anyone how to run.

I lost all my baby weight, plus about 10 pounds. Mr. Sasha did the plan along with me, and as you can see from the above photos, lost about 60 pounds.

Being an accountant, I felt it necessary to create a spreadsheet to help me keep track of the running intervals. I watch TV while I run on the treadmill, and I found myself getting confused about when I was supposed run and walk. So I have a trusty little spreadsheet that I will be glad to email anyone who is interested. Just shoot me an email at and I'll send it your way. And I hereby volunteer to be your running coach. Any questions you have, any motivation you need, you can count on Sasha!


clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Here's the OPI color link:

also, hubby is F.I.N.E.

Kate said...

Gotta agree with CG...F.I.N.E.!!! Looks like he lost about 20 years to go along with the 60 lbs! Of course, a hot little number like you should have a hot hubby, too!

Kate said...

Forgot to mention - check your blog email since I just sent you one about the monogram for the FAM. Its all very cloak and dagger! :D

Kate said...

Psssst - check it again!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Stop being a hussy and tell me already.

Anonymous said...

You're telling me he lost 60 pounds in 9 weeks???? Dang! I'll have to give this a try. Even if I don't lose that much, it's a start!

Puttin' On The GRITS said...

HELLO! Mr. Sasha is HOT!

Comment from random lurker about your hot hubby...SHADY, I know!

Traci Anne said...

If I may - dude. Great catch, he's hot!