Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back from Lasik

Ya'll. Mr. Sasha is The. Worst. Patient. Evah.

He's currently napping, courtesy of Vallium. I'm headed to pick up a few things for The Wild Child's par-tays (she gets two! buddies and family) and then to pick up the kids and see what clever notes the teachers have left me today. Any predictions? Bathroom antics? Lunchroom drama? Carnivore commotion? Only time will tell....

Poor Mr. Sasha. On the way up to The Big City, I immediately made two changes in his car. Before we left the driveway. 1. Turned off the Sports Talk Radio, because it makes me nauseous, almost like when I walk through the door at the airport, and 2. Switched his heat from console/floor to floor only, because console heat is like the breath of a dragon on my face! Of course after my explanations, he's all "You totally need to do stand-up, like The Working Mom Comedy Show." Shut up and be logical. We all know heat rises and now that the season is finally o-ver, what's the need in rehasing what's already happened? I know you all agree with me. High five me.

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