Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Available for loan

Available for loan: One extremely precious almost 2 year-old. I will take her back once you've got her potty trained, though.

Seriously, I much preferred The Politician's method of training. He simply refused to even sit on the potty, until right before his third bday, when he totally changed his mind and fully day-trained within 1 week.

The Wild Child is wearing me out and I am not at all ready for this. She took off her diaper and peed in her bed at nap again today, although she did pull up her pants after removing her diaper rather than sleep nekkid. My friend Slim has suggested duct tape, and by God, I'll be trying that.

All day I've been finding her discarded diapers on the floor and frantically searching for her, praying that she hasn't decided to pee on the carpet, because she sure as hell doesn't want to pee on the potty. We've tried an Elmo insert on our big potty, and even the little "Royal Potty" that is just her size. She may sit on there for a sec, but she's off in a flash, her bare little bottom running away from me as fast as she can, laughing hysterically at me.

Mercy. Uncle. Seriously. I don't know what to do but laugh.

Here's that shot I've been promising of my little rock star. Watch for him- he'll be big one day. Hope he can sing better than Mr. Sasha and I can.

Oh- I want to do some online shopping at Sephora since I didn't make it up there on Monday. Any ideas on new products to try? I want to get to $75 to get free shipping. (Isn't that logical?) Traci, this is your bag- ideas for me?


Anonymous said...

Maybe she's just not ready yet. D was almost 4 before he finally gave in, B was 2, M was 2 and K is over 2 and could care less.

Unless you're on a deadline for daycare, I wouldn't worry about it right now. Try again in 6 months but don't stress. Then it'll become a contest and you'll lose every time. If you are on a deadline for daycare, do what I consider the perfect solution; let the daycare do the training! LOL

Traci Anne said...

WELL. What are you thinking? As in, if you're thinking of trying a new mascara or lip gloss and are super happy with your foundation, I won't try to sell you on a new foundation, you know? :) Are there any brands you're allergic to? Any scents you don't like?

This is TOTALLY my cup o'tea and I am SO EXCITED! (SERIOUSLY.)

Kate said...

Awwww that face!!! How could you not look at that and melt???

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Can you email me the C5K spreadsheet you told Hello Darling about? Pretty please?