Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Don't Shoot The Messenger

Found these Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs Chips Ahoy! Candy Bites (along with the Oreo ones) at Wally World over the weekend, and they are a huge hit. An even bigger hit because my box of Oreo ones had 7 packs instead of 6! Extra for me! Really, they are awesome and kind of whoppery. The Politician and two of my coworkers declare them a success.

I love the 100 calorie packs because I am the worst at portion control, so these are no-brainers for me. In WW speak, most sweets are my "red light food", but these packs makes sweets doable. My personal favorite of the 100 cal packs are the Lorna Doones.

OK, so I haven't tried these Hershey's Trio Kisses, and Walgreens was stupid enough to block out part of the package in their Sunday ad, so I can't even tell what the third thing is (dark chocolate? peanut butter? coca cola?), but I bet they are rockin' awesome. I ran to Walgreens yesterday to try to find them, but they didn't have them yet (then why did you have them in your ad?), so I will try again tomorrow and report back to you.

So I really feel it's my duty to try out new products and report to my friends what I think. I mean, there's no sense in you buying something I've already tried and know sucks, right? I totally think one day some big-wig at some food/candy/makeup company will run across this blog and say, "Hey, this chick totally has her finger on the pulse of America's young moms- we totally need to pay her for her services." So I'm just putting that out there- I'd love to!

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