Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday musings

I totally can't take credit for the new header. Well, I suppose I can since I spent two hours at work doing that instead of posting journal entries yesterday. The idea, though, came from Mandalynn who directed me to which is my new favorite time-eater. I have grand plans for all these neat things I'd like to do with it, although you and I both know they won't happen since I can never get my shit together.

Also, OMG, I am beyond pumped about this blog. Since I occasionally have to do some actual work, and also feed and bathe and dress my kiddos, I miss out on a ton of BBC drama. This site is like Cliff Notes - BBC Drama for the busy! Love it love it love it! Plus they put me on their blogroll, so they obviously seem to be cool themselves.

Just went and checked out the whole Red Box thing and it is way cool. I wanted Superbad but settled for the new Bourne movie. Mr. Sasha is excited since that was his first choice anyway. Also went to Sam's and had the best time buying all kind of things I don't need in bulk. But you get in there, and 40 granola bars and 20 yogurts just seems like a great idea.

Laundry awaits (and you know I love laundry!!!!) I totally made The Wild Child change her clothes before nap so I could wash the hot mustard off her shirt and get another load of whites done. I should totally work for a cleaners.


Melissa said...

I love the new header!

I hate laundry!

Mrs. Everything said...

ooh... good find on the scrapblog! I see a lot of time spent there ;)

Unknown said...

What a fun new look! Hang in there with WC, but if you manage to get a phone consult with SuperNanny, please, oh please let me know! :)