Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Damn Damn Damn

Just spoke with the secretary at our desired Kindergarten- they also have Pre-K there, but we were going to leave The Politician at his current school through Pre-K so that both kids would be at the same spot for another year.

However, it looks like we may have trouble getting a spot if we wait until Fall 09 to enter the school. She said they will fill up the Pre-K this year and then those kids will move up to K, so there won't be any added spots.... But we are definitely in for Pre-K if we want to take it....

I'm so torn. I don't have a back-up K plan. I won't be ready for public school and really wanted him to attend this private K. Hmmm... Mr. Sasha and I will have to discuss tonight.

Also, P vetoed karate last night. He had a rough day at school (didn't like the snack and didn't want to watch a movie) and was in generally a bad mood when I picked him up. I certainly wouldn't have been the night to teach him self defense moves, seeing as how he wasn't very agreeable to any of my instructions, and he certainly didn't need to know any methods of defending himself. Hopefully tonight will go better.


Kate said...

The whole school decision thing is so scary sometimes! My daughter will be in PreK next year & the Catholic school where we want to send her for elementary school doesn't have a PreK. So we are asking around, going to open houses, etc.

Hope things work out!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do. If you want him to be guaranteed a spot, you may have to split them up for a year.

I hope you don't get angry at my for this, but IMO P is a little young for Karate. D didn't start Martial Arts until he was 10. The owner of the studio said many times that starting before then isn't as benefitial as people think. They're not learning the "true" version of the self defense moves but a watered down version for their age. They'd have to continue in the Martial Art for years to get the real moves. Organized sports is a better place to start. There they get some sense of self and how their body moves and that will help in the Martial Arts later. But like I said, just MHO.