Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dear Dora,

There's something we need to chat about. To me, you ought to be a wholesome show, full of fun, lighthearted stories that kids can enjoy, and oh, bonus, learn some Spanish too!

But my Tivo has picked up some epis that don't quite fit that mold. What's up with "Dora and the Missing Babies" and "Dora and the Missing Puppies"? You are scaring the hell out of The Politician, and I'm even having to pre-screen your show because sometime the titles don't sufficiently warn me about the scary content. One epi had an innocent title, but when I looked at the description, there was "a mean man" so that had to be deleted too.

Just yesterday, P left the room in tears when the dog catcher was taking all the dogs in the missing puppies epi, and missing babies? Seriously? Are you guys running out of ideas?

Also, Swiper is a bit too menacing sometimes. Tone that down too while you're at it.

Your friend,


Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I checked out your blog, so here is my barrage of responses:

1. So with you on the conversion to ballet flats. Wore them in junior high, decided they made me look shorter, stopped wearing them and only just started back up last spring. I can't resist all the cute patterns. Once I found a plaid pair I was back on ballet flat board.

2. Love your van monogram.

3. Am loving the treadmill program, although I did take off a five day stretch during the kitchen/vomit crisis.

4. We don't do Dora. Trust no one whose head is shaped like a sideways oval. :-) We do like Diego though. (I find myself singing the rescue pack song more than I care to admit.)

Gretchen said...

We have a DVD of Dora that is about the Isalnd of Lost now my kids think that we can just show up at this Island and find whatever it was that they lost (orI threw out). Thanks, Dora.

Kate said...

I have yet to get stuck watching any PBS style children's programming as Abby can't sit still long enough to decide if she's interested BUT, reading this I started laughing because I remember the Dora parodies on SNL. The last time I actually had to watch kid programming was with the Drama Queen and it was Teletubbies. Good Times Good Times

Buford Betty said...

Missing babies?! Too funny!

Melissa said...

I don't have kids yet, but I've done a lot of baby sitting in my day. I hate Dora and love the fact that none of the kids I baby sat liked her too much. She's so annoying!

Whenever I see Dora now, I think of the girl who just won "America's Next Top Model." With the haircut they gave her, she looks JUST like Dora! It's hilarious!

Traci Anne said...

Dude. I love Dora and all, but that's just effed up.

Carie said...

Ha! Too funny! Also, I just finished day two of week three on C25k Program! Ya!