Thursday, January 10, 2008

By George, I Think She Got It

Yesterday afternoon The Wild Child's teacher called my cell about 3:00.

Turns out she got bitten yesterday on the back during Spanish class. And it was a pretty bad bite and broke the skin, although it did not bleed.

I held my breath as she was telling me this story, sure that WC did something to retaliate.

But no, she just shook her finger at the biter and said "No biting Twos!!!!". It seems she also told everyone she came into contact with for the next hour that he had bitten her and he wasn't supposed to, because "No biting Twos!!!".

That's my girl.


Kate said...

WTG WC!!! On a totally unrelated note, the "eagle" is in the mail and by the mail, i mean UPS so you should see it hopefully by Monday at the latest!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...


I have to say, the same thing happened to Angry Toddler. He got bit on the back and cheek within a two day period.

The kid hasn't bitten anyone since. It's been over a month.

Now, if we could stop Wild Child and Angry Toddler from stripping.