Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Few Clarifications

1. I am totally cool with The Wild Child not being ready to potty train. In fact, I am all about waiting until age 3, which is what we did with The Politician. I am just super-tired of finding discarded diapers all around the house and Mr. Sasha was none too happy about cleaning up pee in the Rose Petal Cottage, and she peed (diaperless because she removed it herself) not once, but twice, in her crib this week while sleeping.

2. Mr. Sasha and I both actually took longer than 9 weeks to complete the Couch to 5K Plan. When you read about the plan at, they say that it's OK to repeat weeks if you don't feel ready to move on. So I have to admit that we did that several times, and I think we both got stuck around week 5, and I may or may not have repeated said week for 2 months or so. I think it really took him about 5-6 months to lose the total 60 pounds. But. Still. It's awesome. Promise. Get on the bandwagon and be cool like me.

And this is not a clarification, but just an FYI- I am having a weird allergic reaction to God knows what because I woke up with the left side of my face swollen and red and my eyes were not agreeable to contacts. Not sure what's up, but this is not a good day for random problems. Mr. Sasha is scheduled for Lasik surgery in a bit, and I totally planned on doing lots of magazine reading in the waiting room while he recovers (he's quite the baby so I imagine he'll be in recovery for longer than the normal person). I did not plan on having to relive yesterday in my brain to figure out what's going on with my face. Hopefully this will be short-lived. I mean, I've got a new Us Weekly to read- I need to read "Destroyed By Mama: Shame on Lynne Spears"!


Traci Anne said...

I found that when I did it, I got really stuck on week 4 and eventually gave up. I think I might do two weeks of each, unless I feel really super motivated to move on to the next week!

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD you said that you repeated weeks. I tried to do Day freaking 1 today and managed to finish 3 minutes of jogging before I said "screw it" and just walked for the rest of the 30 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I think I did weeks 5 & 6 (whichever ones have a diff workout for each day) for 3-4 wks EACH? :)
I wish we lived closer and could trade magazines... I saw that one on Lynn Spears at the grocery store and that's good treadmill time motivation!