Thursday, January 24, 2008

La La La La La La Tonight

Depending on what time I get home from a cookie baking extravaganza, tonight may be the night I tell Mr. Sasha about the blog. It's just gone on for too long and I'm starting to feel like I'm hiding something from him, which is a road I never want to go down.

Should he get so mad that he throws the computer out the window and you never hear from me again, Traci and Kate know all my personal info and what police station you'd need to call if you were worried. :-)


Melissa said...

Good luck! I told my boyfriend I had one last week, but he had to find it on his own if he wanted to read it. He found it and reads it all the time! He actually really likes it and he said it's fun to read my thoughts on everything, even though he knows most of it anyway!

Traci Anne said...

I'm on it! I'm sure it'll be totally not a big deal :)

LSU Melanie said...

if he is anything like my husband, it won't even phase him:)