Monday, January 28, 2008

Paging Super Nanny

You know when you see a family on Super Nanny and the kids are standing up in their chairs at the dinner table shouting "No!" at their mom-at-her-wits-end, and then they show the kids spitting on their parents, rolling around on the floor, taking off their clothes, screaming, crying for no reason, and generally doing things that make you say, "Wow, so glad that's not me"?
Well, that's me.
Now, I was thinking about it, and I'm not so sure I'm willing to go on TV for this child-behavior modification process. I really don't want everyone in the USA seeing my dirty-ass house and the fact that my kids eat food of the floor. And I thought about Wife Swap too, but someone might think Mr. Sasha is hot and not want to leave. So that won't work....
Do you think Nanny Jo or whatever her name is would do a phone consult? Really, I don't think it's me- I think anybody would have a difficult time with The Wild Child, although day care says she is an angel (when she's not biting her tasty little friends). If it's just the Terrible Twos, shit, I've got a long way to go since WC's birthday was just a few weeks ago.
So I'm pretty much open to whatever you got. Lay it on me- what am I doing wrong?????


Ashley said...

haha.. well, if you don't want supernanny coming into the house, you could always start with this.

The reviews look great and it may help

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want them in my house either...and I don't have any suggestions because I'm wearing the same shoes. But I wanted to warn you about something with my 2nd child - - two was bad, but NO ONE warned me about three. OHMIGOD. But, I have boys, so maybe your situation will be different seeing that WC is a girl.

Kate said...

The thing I hold on to with whatever phase the kids seem to be going through (biting, emptying my dresser, coloring on the walls, flushing stuff down the toilet, etc.) is that it is temporary. Sometimes I'll even say it outloud to myself to keep sane - This is temporary! The feelings of frustration & the way they are acting - neither one is permanent.

Still, I think children should come w/ a lifetime supply of Xanax (for us - not them;)