Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I told Ashley that I would give her some info about my makeup, Everyday Minerals, and I thought I'd just stick it on here for all to see.

Anyway, my mother in law was using Bare Minerals and wanted me to try it, so she bought me the starter kit at Ulta last year. I loved the idea and was super excited.

Although I love the products, turns out I am not able to wear their foundation. It really causes me to itch, and I have since learned that it contains bismuth and some people are sensitive to that.

I also thought that the blush colors included in the kit (warmth and glee) were a bit dark for me. I did love the Mineral Veil.

Being a Bargain Momma, I frequent the BBC bargain board and read about Everyday Minerals, which costs a fraction of the price of BE. They even offer a sample kit with 3 foundations, one concealer, and one blush for about $4, which is for the shipping.

I was instantly hooked. Now, I still love some of the Bare Minerals products, I just can't wear their foundation.

So here's my EDM routine:

  1. Apply EDM Tinted Silk Dust as a primer, using BE foundation brush from original kit
  2. Apply EDM Golden Fair Matte foundation using BE's full flawless face brush.
  3. Apply EDM Finishing Dust (identical to BE's Mineral Veil) with EDM powder brush
  4. Apply blush (I have various blushes and I like BE and EDM equally)
  5. Apply eye makeup (various- EDM and BE and Clinique)

So here's my suggestions:

Order a sample kit from the Custom Kits page. First decide what formula you want. I went with matte since I tend to have oily skin. Then, decide on the colors you want to try. This color guide is kinda hidden on their site, but I think it's very helpful. I'd been wearing Fawn, but I recently decided it was too yellow, so I switched to Golden Fair and it's a perfect match.

I don't use concealer, so I'm not much help on what to pick there. As for the blush, the sort of hidden blush color guide is helpful too. I like Plum Dust, Soft Touch, and Nick Nack.

Anyway, once you've figured out your shades, the kits are the way to go. You can get 6 full sized products (including brushes) for the insane price of $32. Crazy cheap!

Let me know if you have questions. I've ordered from them a million times and have always been happy. And at their prices, you can experiment.


Traci Anne said...

Holy crap. I'm going to order the sample IMMEDIATELY - I love BE but man, they can be pricey.

Traci Anne said...

I just ordered! I think I'm golden... well, when I'm tan, otherwise I'm cool :) LOL I guess we'll see how it turns out. I'm SO EXCITED!

Kate said...

I *love* Everyday Minerals! I was a die hard Bare Minerals user until a friend told me about EDM.

Melissa said...

I've been wondering about mineral makeup, so I really appreciate this post! I think I might order a kit and try it out! :)

Rebecca said...

Okay, I ordered that stuff months ago. It came, and for the life of me, I can NOT get the little plastic disks out of there to get the makeup out.

I'm doomed to be a bare faced fugly butt forever!

Sasha said...

Rebecca- I had to use my thumb nail to get them off last night. The sifter and sticker are a new addition and a little bothersome. You could also punch holes in the sticker with a straight pin or safety pin or something. Promise it'll be worth the effort!

Red said...

Another EDM user here as well. LOVE them!!!! Great products, reasonably priced and great color selection. Who could ask for anything more?