Monday, January 21, 2008

Big Ole Messy Mess

So I pretty much let my kids have the run of the house (shut up, you do it too). I figure everything is pretty much child-proofed and we've even tethered their furniture to the walls in their room so it can't come crashing down on them. I think it's all because The Politician was pretty much a dream child. Not a climber, not an explorer, not too big into making messes.

But oh, my, have things changed.

If I just look away for 10 seconds, something like this happens.

The Wild Child opened up the pantry (hindsight: I should not have had Mr. Sasha WD-40 the pantry door hinges because now I can't hear when the pantry is opened), got out a relatively new box of Fruity Cheerios, made herself at home on the sofa inside a pop-up toy chest, and promptly emptied the entire box into the toy chest.

I will admit to putting the cereal back in the box to serve later. (You know you'd do that too.)


Anonymous said...

Bless her heart! She was hungry mom. Gotta give her props for inginuity.

If it helps any, K did something similar on Friday. I made Blueberry muffins and left them on a rack to cool. After nap, she toddled downstairs and helped herself, to 2 muffins! Yeah, she didn't eat much for dinner that night. :)

manda said...

Better then kids dumping a whole LARGE container of fish food in the fish tank, clogging filters and all because "nemo was hungry"

Kate said...

Look on the bright side - at least she's dressed!!! :D

Traci Anne said...

And hey! At least it's somewhat contained, right?

Anonymous said...

My older girls (5 and almost 4) did that with a whole box of spaghetti last night! After, they claimed they wanted to cook it in their play kitchen, but it all fell on the ground and somehow got broken into a million tiny pieces, lol. I didnt reuse it though, haha.

Rebecca said...

WC and Celia would get along reaaaally well. Together, they would rule the world.

Now tell me....did you start singing the Laurie Berkner Messy Mess song when you found her?

Angie said...

I totally would have reused them. In fact, I know I have before. She sounds much like my second. I think second children tend to have a bit of the devil in them. I thought the first was bad, but my climbing monster 1 year old takes the cake. I love his spirit though!! Love your blog!