Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer TV!

OK, before you freak out and leave me a comment that my excessive TV-watching is probably contributing to the downfall of my youngest child's behavior, let me assure you I Tivo all my programs and either watch them after the kids have gone to bed, or while I am running on the treadmill, which lately hasn't been much.

So basically my TV-watching time is pretty limited. I am freaking out a little because I just got my new TV Guide (love it!) and there is a whole list of things I am wanting to watch this summer.

  1. Nashville Star (Tivo alert! Changed from USA Network to NBC- you'll have to change your Season Pass) (June 9th)
  2. Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Home (Tivo alert! Name changed) (Oxygen June 17)
  3. My Boys (Tivo alert! Needs to be re-added as a season pass- info from last summer was lost) (TBS June 12)
  4. Swingtown (CBS Thursdays- this week!)
  5. Big Brother (Tivo Alert! Will probably need to be added since the put the season number after it) (CBS July 13)
  6. Project Runway (Bravo July)
  7. The Next Food Network Star (Food Network- started last Sunday)

I still haven't watched the Lohan show or Denise Richards either, and I don't think I will. Just no time. My list above looks much better.

EDITED TO ADD: Damn, Slim, you are right. I left off So You Think You Can Dance! I even attempted to do a whole post dedicated to Claire Callaway and her new (bad) hair, but I couldn't find a pic the other day. Love that show. Love the choreographers most of all.


Anonymous said...

I am totally addicted to Project Runway! I'm not usually a reality TV fan, but I can watch Project Runway forever. I can do without Nina Garcia, I don't like her. But I have a platonic love for Tim Gunn and I think that Michael Kors is just fab!!! But of course, there's the fashions...oh...the fashions...the dresses!!! The clothes, the make up, the hair...oh...I'm having a moment...brb.

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

OMG. WC is killing me.

Maybe Clemsongirl needs to come and visit... or Sunshine Girl!

Hair Girl said...

I am with you on #4-7 and am adding The Mole to my list. I loved that show, it came on about 6 years ago.

KandiceG said...

I love project runway! my sister in law is going to the fashion institute in san francisco..i always tell her she should try for the show! I absoluately love so you think you can dance! its amazing!

KandiceG said...

oh yeah and thanks for the help on making my blog look 100 times better!

Multislacking Mama said...

You can totally watch TV while your kids are awake. No one will call CPS on you. Not me, at least. But, I am a super effing hero working mom... I'm not going to last like this much longer.

Hope WC is doing good today!

Yellow Beads said...

Ugh, I am HATING tv right now. Hubby and I have been bored all week--nothing to watch. (PS I refuse to watch Swingtime!)

k e r r y said...

I didn't know Tori & Dean are coming back! Thanks for letting me know! I saw last night that Project Runway was coming in July - can't wait! I am no so sure about Swingtown though...

Anonymous said...

helllooooo? where is SYTYCD in this lineup? Should be at the TOP IMO.