Thursday, June 19, 2008

An Email about P

My friend Amanda sent me this email last week:

Today....dropping C at school (ed. note- C is 2).....C stops at the 4 yr old room to see the toys. We see The Politician and he said "Hi Amanda...what's C doing?"

I said "He's looking at your room."

Then P said..."Well this is the 4 yr old room. He's not 4. See here it says right here on the door (comes to the hall and points above the door) '4'....well it says '2', but it really is the 4 yr old room."

Too cute.


Yellow Beads said...

You've been tagged (ABCs). HOpe you play!

kolls said...

I love that he and WC seem to be total opposites - I can see him in a cute little suit and tie being all proper and her ripping into a little frilly dress!