Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Motto Found at the Health Department

"Power belongs to those who use it, and if parents don't, their kids will."
-Gregory Bodenhamer, Former Probation Officer, Author

Well, well, well. We are making progress.

Today I met with the Child Development Specialist (CDS) and got the results from The Wild Child's developmental assessment from last week. As I suspected, she scored age-appropriate in all areas, and her speech actually measured at beyond a 3 year old level, which is fab since she is only 28 months old.

We worked on a sensory questionnaire today and I'll go back next week for the results of that. I also scheduled a hearing screening to rule out a hearing problem.

Some background for those of you just joining us: The Wild Child is hell on wheels. She's actually a fabulous child with such a great spirit and personality- but she chooses some inappropriate behaviors when she doesn't get her way that include (but aren't limited to) biting, hitting, spitting, ignoring, etc. We also have trouble getting her to follow directions when she doesn't want to do what we are asking. Most scary to me is that she has been running from us in public places and won't respond to us when we tell her to "Stop!".

The Child Development Specialist and I have decided that WC is a "spirited child". We also went over a cool analogy involving The Hundred Acre Woods that put it all in perspective for me (WC is a Tigger, The Politician and I are Piglets, and Mr. Sasha is a Pooh- more on that later when I get a copy of it next week). Basically, parenting WC is just different than parenting P, and the Sashas just need to figure out what to do. As one friend said last week, "You don't want to look up in 2 years and realize that WC is running the house!".

The most fabulous part of all this is that the CDS is going to meet with us weekly until we get a "discipline plan" in place once we figure out what will be most effective. She even offered to visit WC's early childhood development center to observe her in class and discuss with her teachers what discipline plan we decide on.

I feel so good about all this and really feel like I am taking the steps I need to take to keep myself off Super Nanny on national TV.


Carie said...

Wow! Thats awesome! Here's hoping you guys can come up with a plan!

Anonymous said...

Sasha, I'm so glad you got the help you need. Taking Abby to her therapist is the best thing we ever did! It's helped all of tremendously. Thanks for the update on "the wild one"!


Anonymous said...

i am thinking you have already read/heard of this book (b.c i heard about it from the bhb) but maybe check it out:


it really is so cool you have a place to go & seek advice1 gl!

M said...

Wow! Looks like you're getting some great help and will have some great tools to try.

Minyo said...

It sounds like you're hooked up with some awesome services. And working on a plan... Sometimes, naming / identifying the problem is half the battle. Best wishes with the plan!

Anonymous said...

I love that qoute! And, good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure thats why she's as adorable as she is, to make up for her spirit!!! :D Let us know what works so that I can have some ammo for when Abby's there....wait, she is there....hell....I'm just hosed!