Monday, June 9, 2008

I Can Be Crafty!!!!

I bet you are wondering, what can be made with thin ribbon, pipe cleaners, and aquarium tubing?

Why, an Official Sasha Family Anti-Biting Bracelet.

Proof positive that it is totally possible for me to be a little crafty when necessary.

When I told our Child Development Specialist last Tuesday that WC has been biting herself on the arm when she's frustrated, she told me to get some aquarium tubing and fashion a bracelet. Once she is wearing the bracelet, we are supposed to encourage her to bite the bracelet when she needs to chew on something- not skin!

I spent a few days trying to figure out in my head how to thread ribbon or elastic thru the tubing, when I had a Eureka Moment yesterday and thought of pipe cleaners. I wrapped the end of the ribbon around the end of the pipe cleaner and used that to thread it through. Genius, I tell you. (I do hate that it took me 4 days to figure it out, but hey, I'm an accountant, not an art major.)

Anyway, she wore it to school today and had a fab day, and evidently spent quite a bit of time chewing on the bracelet and not her friends.

We see the CDS again tomorrow and I am hoping to get our Discipline Plan down on paper. Wish us well!


M said...

Very crafty indeed!

Anonymous said...

Good idea! Very crafty indeed...

Yellow Beads said...

wow, what a neat tip!

kolls said...

I love how your post title is so triumphant - I can imagine you sitting there like, YESSSSSSS!!! -Rocky dance- :)

KW said...

I am a preschool director and LOVE all the info you post about biting other children. I'm collecting a list of ideas to present to one of my parents. Keep up the great info and thanks!