Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hemangioma Surgery Scheduled

On Monday, WC had her pre-surgery appointment with her Pediatric Plastic Surgeon in Big City In A State Near Us and it went fabulous! He will be removing the remnants of her ulcerated hemangioma. They will be able to remove all of the hemangioma and all she will be left with is a pencil line-type scar across her arm, like the black line I have drawn on the picture above.

We were expecting that they would want to do the revision surgery in December or January, but they actually want to do her first surgery on August 7 and do the second and final surgery on December 4. We didn't know that it would take two surgeries to remove the remnants of the H, but figured that was a possibility.

The best part of all this is that it is outpatient, and they'll use internal dissolvable stitches and use dermabond on the top layer, so they said she could even get it wet the next day! We feel so good about this- so much better than we expected.

She was quite the ham at the appointment and was so friendly to the doctor. I think she will do great, although I may need a stiff drink to get me through it since I am a worry-wart. But I know she will be in great hands, so I think I can make it through. I am just glad to put this all behind us and stop getting the question "What happened to her arm? Was she burned?".

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Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

YAY Congrats!

I wish I would have gotten mine removed. I ALWAYS get the burn questions from people.

Sasha said...

Julie- I really appreciated your advice and having someone to talk to who had personally been through something like that.

You made me feel so much better aobut the decision to go ahead with the surgery- and of course I told Mr. Sasha that my "new friend Julie" helped!

Anonymous said...

YAY! That's awesome. My two kids have/had them. But, theirs are fairly small and we never had issues, thank god. I'm so glad that the pre-op went well!

Mrs. Everything said...

So glad it's scheduled! We went to the pedi derm and he is confident P's will go away on it's own and not ulcerate or get any bigger (I still need to send you the pics). It's already fading at 9 months!

The blog roll... I couldn't figure out how to convert it so I typed it all in or just copy/pasted. I love how it tells you when someone updates.

Anonymous said...

We'll be thinking of you before, during, and after and sending all our best wishes and warm thoughts from another big city in another state near you!!!

Don't worry about being a worry wart - Shaggy had eye surgery at 7 and I still combination PIMMAL and cry at the thought of when we left him at the OR. You wouldn't be a the great mom you are if you weren't going to worry!!!

Abby's H is almost completely gone....its totally flat now and turning white at the bottom. Granted, hers never got as large as WC's and never ulcerated like that but its still great to see it going away.

The Nester said...

Isn't it amazing what dr's can do? I bet no one will even notice the scar when it's all done!

Blanda Amania said...

Yay, for Baby Girl WC! I can imagine needing a strong one before, during, and/or after the surgery. I will send a prayer up for success and comfort for you guys.

Anonymous said...

My dd has a small one on her head. As a BALD infant we got lots of unwanted attention so she didn't leave the house w/out a headband. Now the darn thing is right at her part line. Or maybe it's the whole reason her part is where it is? hmm? Any how, it's amazing how many people can notice this dime shaped red spot under her blond hair and say "Did she get hurt? What happened?", etc

Unknown said...

Hi! I am late to the party as I just found this page. One of my twin daughters has an ulcerated hemangioma as well. First it was treated a few weeks ago with a steroid injection to slow the growth of the ulceration, but it's actually quite painful to my daughter these days and has cracked a bit, so now the doc is recommending surgery to remove it. How did the surgery go? How is the scar healing?

Sasha said...

Hi Kristin! Here is the most recent update I have done:


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