Friday, June 20, 2008

Lip of The Day: 6-20-08

Since I have about 200,000 lippies, I thought I'd start using a different one each day and weed out some of the ones that don't work for me. So here's what I am wearing today.

By the way, I totally have a crooked smile and a chip out of one of my front teeth. And my teeth need some whitening. Lipstick recently asked me about tooth whitening and I've been meaning to tell you all my teeth whitening story, so I'll do that soon- maybe later today.

Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lipgloss. I normally can't wear gloss because it runs too bad into those pesky lines around my lips, but this gloss has some staying power. It's also a little bit sticky, which I actually like. That makes it feel very moisturizing and gives it a little bit of the staying power too, I think. It wears off evenly, and I don't mind reapplying after a few hours. Smells good too!

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clemsongirlandthecoach said...

And I was thinking how GOOD your teeth looked!

Stephanie said...

those are some NICE teeth! (I am jealous and off to make a dentist appt)

morewineplease said...

Very nice color!

Lipstick said...

Thanks for the tip about the the lip gloss because oh, how I do love lip products. Can't wait for the whitenening stories b/c you have it down-your teeth look great!

Anonymous said...

as of 6/30, the teeth are whitest with THIS one!!


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