Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sensory Sensivitity vs. Sensory Integration Disorder

The more research I do, I really think that WC has more of a "sensory sensitivity" than "sensory integration disorder". She just doesn't meet all the characteristics of SID. She meet some, but not all, and I think that's more of a sensory sensitivity. (Which explains A LOT about me- you know how I can't be hot or I freak out and can't breathe, and how I can't smell the same smell for very long or I feel sick and hot, and then I freak out, and then it's just a vicious cycle.....)

Anyway, last Thursday, our CDS called and me and said she wanted to refer us on to a Occupational Therapist to do an evaluation on WC. At first, I was worried that it was worse than we originally thought, but after reading more this weekend, I actually think it's better than we thought.

The CDS said that the OT will probably be able to tell us some specific things we can do at home to help WC, which sounds great to me.

So I called the recommended OT today and we talked a little about WC and I filled her in (what a story!). She felt like she can help us and we will probably get together next Wednesday.

I am just feeling so good about the steps we are taking!


Lipstick said...

Way to go for navigating thru the medical maze and advocating for WC so well! I hope all goes well with the OT.

Unknown said...

Big Kid had some major sensory issues, and still definitely has a few, but not to the point that they're seriously holding him back. He's grown out of a lot of it, and his wonderful pre-k helped tremendously.

I think everyone has some sensory issues. I used to really worry about it, until one day I decided that it was really not that abnormal to not want to stand barefoot in hay, or have squishy stuff in your hands.

It's great you're getting on this so early, I think you'll find that she'll grow up to be pretty normal and well behaved, she's just one of those quirky, wild preschoolers until then.