Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beer Find: Blue Moon Honeymoon Summer Ale

Is it bad that I go down the beer aisle every time I go to the grocery store?

Don't you judge me! (tm Joy's mom)

You know I'm a beer gal and that is a product of hanging with Mr. Sasha and the football team in college. You also know I'm a Blue Moon fan and of course this is the Summer of Beer at the Sashas.

Blue Moon's Summer Ale is called Honeymoon, and it's marketed as a beer flavored with honey and orange peel. I picked up a 6 pack the other day thinking I was sure there would be a beer occasion soon.

And I was right! Mr. Sasha and I have been chaperoning a group of 10 four-year-olds (!) at VBS this week and there have been a few nights that a beer has sounded awfully good once we got home and got the kids to bed. We tried Honeymoon the other night and we both really liked it.

Looks like it's available from May-mid August. Give it a try before it's gone!


kolls said...

Oooo, throw that bad boy into a cold glass with an orange slice and you've got a little slice of Heaven!

CRICKET said...

Yeah, pretty good, drank the last one in our fridge last night, you know one beer helps the breast milk production!

Unknown said...

OMG...Love that beer and Blue Moon with extra orange slices!

Ashley Smith said...

this is a fav at our house as well....discovered it last week at Walmart no less! No target in stilly.

Live.Love.Eat said...

I do love this stuff too! Hubby drinks the regular Blue Moon and I will drink this one. Blue Moon is really on the rise lately it seems!!

AJ said...

Yeah! Can't wait to try it! Thanks:)

M said...

We'll have to give that one a try.

Viva la Summer of Beer!!

ps: is it bad that your 4 year old automatically brings another when she sees that your bottle is empty?

Anonymous said...

Sasha, I couldn't agree more! I love Honeymoon!