Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lip of the Day: 06-21-08

applied over it

We are off to a "Blue Sox" baseball game (per The Politician). The Wild Child has never been to a big sporting event before. Say some prayers for us...... I am 99.9% sure they serve beer, so I should be OK.


Anonymous said...

this color looks better on you!! Have fun at the game.. Why are you not taking WC?? Not so much into baseball, or too late..? Love the beauty advice, went to ULTA tonight and spent a fortune!!
Anonymous B

Sasha said...

We did take WC- it was her first game. They actually did OK and we lasted about 3 1/2 innings.

And I didn't have a single beer while I was there- but I'm going to the beer fridge right now!

Anonymous said...

I read all about WC's H. I have twin gilrs who are 5 months old and one was born with a H on her arm. I was also told by my ped that it will go away on it's own. Until last week when he told me to go to a dermatologist. Now I am so worried there is something he is not telling me. I would love to hear the long story abot WC's H.