Monday, June 30, 2008

Tball is Over

Well, Saturday was our last Tball game. It was fun, but I'm not too sad that it's over. For one thing, chasing WC around the Tball fields was like a constant greased pig contest. I'm tired just thinking about it.

Above is The Politician with his trophy. He is so proud and really had a good time.

We did notice a few things we'll have to work on with him before next year. For one thing, he hasn't quite got the concept of running the bases down. In this league, each time someone bats, everyone advances one base. The last batter is the "clean up" batter and P pretty much thinks that a home run and jockeys for that spot in line every time.

But he also passes others who aren't running as fast as him. After he batted last in the last inning, he passed the runners on 1st and 2nd and made it home before they did. And he was so proud.

And the parent rivalry is already starting. I got down on my knees and positioned myself where I could take some shots of all our players batting to share with the other parents. One of the other team parents got all huffy about where I chose to be and said all snottily "Could you move? I can't see my son."

Listen lady, he's 3. He's going to stand there in the field and not do anything. At all. He might put his glove on his head, he might do a little jig, but he's really not going to do anything you haven't seen before. And in 10 seconds he's going to go chase a butterly and head 5 feet to the left anyway. Chill the F out. This ain't the Majors.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love sport parents like that....makes me wish Shaggy was still doing some form of sports so I could make fun of them again! Congrats to the P on that rather snazzy looking trophy!

Anonymous said...

Saturday was my big boy's last tball game also.
I so feel you on chasing WC...I think I missed half of each game chasing my little one.

Stephanie said...

I have a younger brother and my mom and I used to get in fights with moms (and dads) like that. My brother was really good but had major attitude and the parents would sit in the stands and talk bad about him. HE WAS A CHILD!!! It made teenage me very mad. I am already frightened of "mom me" If anyone dare say a word about E or Q, I will get violent!!!!!! P's pic is SO CUTE! That boy is so photogenic!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

A few short words.

Welcome to my life. It sucks.

AFRo said...

Girl. Just wait. My oldest did his first year of coach pitch this season. It was hardcore. I never thought I'd be THAT mom... but it creeps in before you realize what's happening and the next thing you know, you're on your feet screaming at your kid like he's a teenager and actually understands the concept of the game.

kelly bee said...

Could you please, please, please do a quick post on how to make the leap to your own domain name??? I would love to do that if it isn't too terribly hard. I think it's your duty as Ashley's hero, don't you??

Lipstick said...

What a fab trophy! TP is so cute!
So what did you do when crazy-T ball-mommy said that to you? I think it would be funny if you turned around and took her picture. I love doing unexpected, disarming things to grouchy people (but then I'm bitchy like that).

Yellow Beads said...

Your son looks SO PROUD of himself with the trophy--too cute!

Anonymous said...

Re the sports parents - just wait, Oh...just wait. The bigger the kid, the worse it gets.