Monday, June 23, 2008


  • P got stung by a bee at school (call from his teacher: Is he allergic? Me: I have no clue- you tell me!)
  • It is 87 degrees in my office and I just went out to the family van and got some shorts to put on - very against dress code, but at this point I don't care. Send me home- it's 72 there!
  • WC's teacher called and said she gave her a special arm massage she used to use with some special needs children she worked with when they needed to calm down, and it helped calm WC down and she went down for her nap really easily today. She's going to show me in the morning how to do it.
  • Tonight is Night #2 of 5 for VBS. P had an absolute ball last night and really got into it. And Mr. Sasha did an excellent job as a chaperon- he kept track of 5 little girls and P with ease.
  • Ordered some Luna bars from because they are today's Ebates Daily Double and it's 12% back! (Sign up through me and get $10!) This is going to be my breakfast everyday in an attempt to quit eating so many 100 calorie packs!


Blanda Amania said...

Could you post the arm massage?! I'd love something to use on my toddler when she throws her daily fit. Normally I can only let her go at it because nothing will help, but I hate doing that. It's so sad. Please and thank you :)

Anonymous said...

tickling their ears, in a circular motion workedfor me when I taughtPre-School.. I wish someone would massage us when we get frusrated!! Can you our husbands
US; I am about to go ape shit crazy! ARM MASSAGE!
Husband: WTH??

morewineplease said...

UHH!! Yes please on the massage! We all need that little trick.. Diva has been horrible to put down since she got back from a week with MIL!

Lipstick said...

I think that is very cool about the massage thing. Also, I am so impressed about the 5-day VBS! My parents just finished theirs. It went well, but they were sure glad when the 5th day came!