Friday, May 30, 2008


Does anybody know what the hell passionberri is? There is a new store going in a strip mall near the Sashas but it's just this sign and a blank empty store right now. Their website is crap- take down that splash page and put up some content!!!! Am I missing something on there? Is there a "click here to continue" somewhere?????

So does anybody know- it is like pinkberry or Tutti frutti? Thanks to Perez and Buford Betty, I am flippin' dreaming about these places, just dying.

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Anonymous said...

Bird, I think it is fruity beverages! I saw the Passionberri logo on the T.E.A. Room menu when they were setup at NMF... all kinds of fruity drinks (smoothies) and flavored iced teas and maybe frozen yogurt too. I can't wait for this to open, since it's at the end of my block and flavored iced tea is my FAVORITE drink in the world. I've been stalking. EskimoSno is doing their damndest to take care of me til it opens though.

Stephanie said...

I saw it too and thought it was pinkberry and got super-excited! Anyway, I googled it and got their splash page and your blog (!!!!) as answers! HA!

Anonymous said...

I looked in the web site's source code and the description says: PassionBerri's fruity slushes, fruity ice creams and fruity drinks.

They're probably fairly new as a company, or maybe they changed their name and are trying to modernize the company. But hey, fruity slushes, fruity ice creams and fruity drinks sound good to me. Let the passionberries arrive!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

NO idea. Are you treating?

Anonymous said...

yeah, a google search brings up the same thing: "PassionBerri's fruity slushes, fruity ice creams and fruity drinks".

Too bad we're not getting one too...

Unknown said...

psssionberri is a non fat frozen yogurt and fresh juice, smoothie and tons flavor tea's healthy, tasty and modern design have got to see and try this, come on the grand opening day and you will get a free cup. Coming on Mid- Aug...See you all there^_^


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