Friday, May 16, 2008

My Avon order should be delivered today!!!!

Dude. I love makeup. And I love my new friend Valeri who emailed me a free shipping code to use on her Avon site!

So I've been stalking the UPS website and I see my package in now in Big City Close To Me, My State, so it should be there when I get home today. I actually foresee that I might have to continue to stalk UPS and once it's delivered, I may or may not have to make up an excuse to run home to get it.

I ordered: (and yes, I know I went overboard, but hey, that's what I do, and Mr. Sasha, if you are reading this, I am using my $128 ebates check to pay for this that should be arriving any day since it was mailed to me yesterday)

So hold tight, reviews to come!

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kolls said...

Oh, I am ABSOLUTELY eyeing the Lemon Sugar line. Though I don't know if I can justify it after my Kiehl's extravaganza...

...yeah no. I can totally justify it. :) I need to post about my order! I think I'll post about it once I get my mark. skincare order on Wednesday - I'm trying their cleanser and mattifying moisturizer and can't wait!

Oh yes, my verdict of Landshark (with lime!) is that it tastes like Corona Light, but not as wheaty. Meaning, I LOVE it.