Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Problem getting your cashback from Ebates?

Evil Kate writes: This will probably come as a real shock but I think I screwed something up when I tried to use it. We tried to book our rental car through ebates but I don't see where it shows it worked....HELP!!!!

In the 3-4 years that I've used ebates, there have been about 3 times that something slipped through the cracks at ebates. However, if you click on "help" in the upper right hand part of their screen, you'll get a nifty customer service menu. And, behold, a link that says "Where's my cash back?"

So, Ms. Kate, just log in, click on that, and follow the instructions. I've never had a problem once I've gotten the proper information to them. Heck, there must be 10000000 people who belong to ebates, no less than 75 referred by yours truly. I figure it kind of like the post office, give them that much stuff, they're going to lose a little bit here and there.

Hope this helps!

Oh, and if someone still isn't registered with ebates, now's the time! Follow my link on the right to get your $10 bonus too!


A.D. said...

My rental car that I booked through ebates took about 2 weeks after for it to show up. I think this is because you usually don't pay for them until you pick them up so they must send something back to ebates to verify your rental. I had one other problem with ebates, and they credited my account pretty quickly. I love ebates!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

I know nothing about this, but if anyone can figure it out, it's you!

Lipstick said...

Sasha you are SO savvy, what with your ebates and coupon codes and all! I am totally impressed. Do you do that think with CVS where you accumulate "points" and get free stuff?

Sasha said...

Lipstick, I am all about the CVS Extra Care Bucks!!!! Love love love that program. I get lots of almost free stuff from there.

Let me know if you want me to share my good CVS deals when they come up.

Anonymous said...

Yes, for some rental car companies the Ebates Cash Back does not post until up to 30 days after travel has been completed. It seems to take this long for the car agencies to report the completion of the car rental. We are sorry for the delay, and your patience is appreciated.

If it still has not posted to your Ebates account after this period, please go to the Ebates site and click on Customer Care for assistance. We would be glad to help.

Ebates Customer Care

Anonymous said...

I got my Big Fat Check in the mail Monday.... to the tune of $6.87!
When are we going to lunch?

Anonymous said...

Did you ever get that garmin thingy for running you mentioned right before mother's day? If so are you happy with it?


Kate said...

Ok how cool are you that your blog actually got a comment from ebates? How cool am I that I actually signed up and used it? That's right - we are too cool! :D