Friday, May 2, 2008

Damn You, Hershey

You know raspberry is my weakness..... so you just had to go and do it. Damn you.

(And, oh, but they are good. Found 'em at Target, where they just jumped in my cart.)


Carie said...

Crap, crap, crap! Hershey is the Devil! I don't know about you, it seems like there has been more new chocolate "concoctions" since I've started my whole "running/healthier" life. I think its a conspiracy! Its hard enough for me to stay away from chocolate, but you add some great flavor and its nearly impossible!

BTW, how are they?

Sasha said...

Bad ass, that's how they are. I ate 15 in 10 seconds. Very very good.

Carie said...

Ha! You are hilarious! Do you hide the chocolate from the kids or let them eat it too? I have a hidden stash and a "kids only" stash!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm, raspberry! I love the milk chocolate meltaways right now, but I MUST try the raspberry ones.


Kate said...

oooh! raspberry, chocolate, and cute pink packaging!! How can I resist!!