Monday, May 12, 2008


The Sashas are big slackers.

The Politician had some homework over the weekend- the above pennant was sent home blank and he was supposed to decorate it- concentrating on his hobbies and interests.

Mr. Sasha was all, "Oh, we can have him put a bicycle on there, and soccer, and trains...."

I said, "And are you wanting him to draw these things????? Because he can't even write his name."

Cause we are slacker parents and haven't worked at all with him on writing or drawing. He is just not interested in coloring/drawing and I don't push it.

Anyway, I got out some markers and set them on the table. He grabbed a yellow tadoodle and started scribbling. You can see the results above. I was getting worried and a little sweaty- what was this going to look like next to all the others?

Suddenly I got the bright idea to get a magazine and cut out pictures of things he likes. He loved this and had fun taping the pictures of Dora, Diego, pancakes, drums, and ice cream etc. on the pennant. He did also try to write his name, which I blocked out, but let's just say it would have probably been safe to leave it there because I don't imagine you would have been able to decipher it.

And it was just fabulous that I realized on Mother's Day that I am the worst mom ever. P will be 5 in August and can't write his name. Is he destined to be a non-productive member of society?

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C. Beth said...

Sasha, cool blog! Thanks for sharing it on BBC. You are too cute, by the way!