Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ask the Product Junkie: Concealer

Laura writes: Sasha, I read your blog daily. I’m Laura and you link to mine (Our Crazy Wonderful Life) on yours. Anyway, I’ve got a product question for you. I have dark under-eye circles that I can not get rid of. I use Bare Minerals for my makeup and love it. I also started using the Neutrogena eye makeup remover after you suggested it and I really like it a lot. For under my eyes, I’ve tried the yellow-tinted powders, lighter foundation under my eyes, coverup (which I can’t stand – I’m a powder girl) everything – but nothing works. What’s a girl to do?Help?

Laura, first of all, I've seen a pic of you on your blog, and I see no dark circles! You are gorgeous! But if you insist that this is a problem for you, I may have an idea that you haven't tried.

Have you tried applying your minerals wet? I have heard of ladies using water or, get this, Milk of Magnesia, to make a paste with their minerals and applying that with a concealer brush. Let that dry before you apply your foundation dry with your normal foundation brush. I believe they were just using their regular foundation color for this method.

Let me know what you think. If this isn't a road you want to go down, I have another makeup crazy friend who might know..... Traci Anne, any other ideas?

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Anonymous said...

pink concealer (cream, Sephora brand) has been working for me, before my foundation. Then I go back with my regular ivory concealer after it dries (multitasking from Everday Minerals). The powder has been working great for me and I love it. I believe pink is supposed to cover gray, I believe and green, cover pink. I know the rule is conceal dark circles before your foundation and blemishes after. I still use my MK concealer for it is very concentrated and covers well. Just my two cents!!!

kolls said...


Anonymous said...

Awww thanks Sasha... I know I am my own worst critic. Thanks for the suggestion - I'm definitely going to try it tomorrow. Don't have any milk of Magnesia (haha), but I'll try water first and see how that works. I started using my charcoal eyeshadow with a wet lining brush and love lining my eyes that way... so much better than using a "pencil".

I'll report back tomorrow and let you know how it works.

Stephanie said...

Hey Sasha! I, too, have dark circles. It runs in the family I guess, I have really uneven skin color. So, I am always trying to even out for one color all over. Anyway, I also wear Bare Essentials but can't use their foundation as concealer like they say to. I need to use a liquid concealer and then powder for everything else. (well now I am wearing that Clinique tinted moisturizer we talked about) But the point is to let the person who asked know that I understand, have the same problem, and I wear Prescriptives concealer. I have for years, tried different brands, wore Prescriptives makeup for a while, then stopped, and the whole time have stuck with the concealer. I love it and feel as long as I have that on- I look okay! Hope I didn't babble too long!

Anonymous said...

ok, this morning I used my Bare Minerals wet for under my eyes and it looks SO MUCH BETTER! OMG! Anyway, I think this is the way to go for now... until I have a chance to go buy other concealers to try. LOL!

Thanks to you and Traci Anne for yur suggestions. I looked at the duo at Sephora (can't remember the name) that's $28 and I think I'm ordering it next.


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