Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Mamalicious!

Hollyanna, I knew when you came into Hayes in first grade with your Hawaiian shirt on and a comb in your back pocket that you were way cool and we were destined to be good friends.

And I also knew that we were way too hot for 1987 when we randomly dressed up and had Mimilicious take this shot in your driveway. That is a bandanna that you are wearing as a bikini top and yes, I do have on a trash bag and blue lips.

Thanks for being a good friend for all these years- I love ya and can't wait to celebrate your 34th with you.

Now when is that going to be?

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slim said...

Oh I just have to jump on this MML Birthday bandwagon. Happy BDAY MML!

morewineplease said...

OMG!!! OMG!!! THis is the funniest thing ever!! I love it... that is so holly!

Traci Anne said...

Um. I absolutely thought that this was a current photo from W or something. Seriously, I thought "now why the hell does Sash have a random picture of models on her page?" I'm officially putting in a request for more vintage Sasha pictures!

Also, Mamalicious' blog is hilarious too! So happy bday to her and thanks for the link!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to Mamalicious!

That picture is priceless!

Shannie said... There are no other words... Holy hell, that's funny.

Happy birthday Mamalicious!

Lacy Rose said...

OOOH! This is some good stuff!

I am loving the "trashy" look.


M said...

I'm definitely left wanting more from that photo shoot!!!


Mamalicious said...

That made my DAY! It made my MONTH! It made my whole YEAR!

Thank you :o)

I lurve you and we shall celebrate soon!

Angry Julie said...

Love the photo! That made my day! Happy Birthday Holly!

Evil Kate said...

Is it wrong that water just shot out of my nose??? What in the holy hell possessed you to wear a garbage bag and blue lipstick? LMAO apparently Mamalicious ran out of bandanas for your bikini top :D

Ashley said...

STFU!! OMG, I'm about to piss my pants. That is some FUNNY shit.

Next year, you're in charge of notifying me of my sister wife's birthday, k? I forgot this year, but we're only betrothed so it's probably fine.


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