Thursday, May 15, 2008

Concealer Answers for Laura

I knew the only person who loves makeup more than me would have some ideas for Laura!

Thanks Traci Anne! Love ya!


kolls said...


Anonymous said...

You kicked ass on my quiz!! Did you like my Reese reference to you?? :D Wait til the next one it will be much harder but I'm really shocked that you didn't get any Zepp ones on there!

PS - I know this has nothing to with makeup but it was the top post so forgive me for the highjack!

Marie said...

sasha, Bare Escentuals is having a 10th anniversary sale on QVC today (maybe all weekend, not sure) and there's several collections on easy pay. I want to get something, but have never worn anything before. If you get a chance, could you check it out and give a recommendation on a good starter package or individual products. here's the link:|5021&

Sasha said...

Marie, if you are totally set on getting BE, the BE FREE set looks like a good set- it has all the brushes you would need. The other set doesn't have enough brushes... Now, this set has a "coral" theme to it, and if you don't like coral colors, it would not work. I really like the black honey lip color in the other set.

That being said, have you looked into Everyday Minerals? I switched from BE to EDM because it turned out I was allergic to BE foundation. I love EDM and it is so much cheaper... let me know if you would like some info about EDM- I swear I don't sell it or make any money off it!