Thursday, May 8, 2008

Holy Crap

Yeah, I just figured out that I left my keys in the ignition this AM when I got to work.
So I am missing my arts org meeting.
And can't go to Target.
And have to eat work food.
And must call the local Honda dealership to find out how much $$$ we'll have to shell out to get finally get an extra key. I hear it's $150.
Edited to add: Yay for AT&T Wireless Roadside Assistance!!!!
As I was perusing the Yellow Pages for a cheap locksmith, my coworker asked if I had a roadside assistance plan..... All of the sudden I remember I did!!!!!
So my car got unlocked quickly, and for free to boot.
Mr. Sasha wanted me to ask about getting reimbursed for our lock-out a few weeks ago, but I told him there was probably a Stupidity Clause and if I told AT&T we just went through this 3 weeks ago, they'd be less likely to dispatch someone quickly.... plus I hate doing stuff like that over the telephone, a la Ashley. So I told him he can take care of that phone call himself.

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E.B. in Tennessee said...

Oh, my goodness...I hate it when that happens! Sorry your day didn't get off to a good start.
I recently found your blog and just love it! I am tagging you to list 6 quirky things about yourself (whenever things calm down, of course). The rules are on my blog.

Melissa said...

I've done that before, but luckily it was with a car that didn't automatically lock when the door closed!

I hate making phone calls too! I try to avoid it as much as possible!


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