Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stellar start to the day, ya'll

Holy hell. What a morning. Just dropped the kids off, fixing to turn into work, do a curb check. (A year later and I'm still not very good at maneuvering the family van.) As I am pulling into my spot, I notice the steering wheel is shaking a little and the Fan is pulling to the right..... Yeah, flat tire.

So I call Mr. Sasha, who I must tell you was totally fab about the whole thing. He came up here, and after I so sweetly reminded him of the "rightsy tightsy, lefty loosey" rule, he put the spare on and off we went to Sam's. And here we are two tires (the other front one needed to be replaced also) and $180 later.

So that's all I got for you right now. Except to tell you that The Wild Child is behaving oh-so-well. Yesterday was a banner day- the assistant director found The Politician's spare blanket that was missing for 6 weeks and I saved a bundle at CVS and even met a bargain board mommy there. Random.

Hope this day turns around. I have to time for crap today!

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clemsongirlandthecoach said...

What?! No time for crap? Argghhhh, sorry you're day el suck-o