Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm Healed!!!!!

I finally feel back to normal!!! Yay! The doctor who prescribed the Lexapro called back me yesterday to see how I was feeling. He agreed with the nurse smoking crack who didn't think it was the Lexapro making me sick. He thinks it may have been food poisoning. And since I have no idea what I ate two Mondays ago (fried cheese? Taco Bell? Lean Cuisine pizza?) I guess we'll never know.

Just to tell you how good I feel, this is what I've eaten this morning:

  • can of Coke
  • Halloween pack of Skittles
  • Halloween pack of Nerds
  • 100 Calorie Nutty Bar
  • Yeast Roll

So, yeah, back to normal. But that was a long damn 2 weeks. And I didn't lose a pound. WTF?

WC update: Yes, she bit again yesterday. I emailed the parent of the child I thought it was (since she was telling on herself and saying his name when I would say something about biting). The mom was very kind and said she understood that some kids just do this and thanked me for emailing her. When I picked up the kids after work yesterday, she stopped me in the parking lot and invited us over for dinner! So that felt good that they totally don't hate the Sasha family and aren't campaigning for that 1 week suspension that I am holding my breath waiting for.

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