Thursday, November 8, 2007

Good news!

So The Wild Child had a fab day yesterday and did not try to eat any of her friends. Yay!!!! Maybe we are getting through to her.... We'll see how today goes, but I am hopeful that she will be a good girl.

Political Funny: This AM I was drying my hair in the bathroom and I heard Mr. Sasha talking to The Politician, who had just woken up, in our bedroom. I also saw the lights go out in our bedroom, which usually happens when P walks into the room, because he doesn't like bright lights in the AM.

Mr. Sasha: Politician, go ahead and go to the bathroom and Momma will help you wash your hands and brush your teeth.

P: No, Daddy, my eyes aren't ready to go in there yet!

As for me, I just got back from a super-exciting (really!) meeting about a music festival that I am helping organize here in our town. I am so pumped because I so miss the music scene. Since we became parents, our nights out have disappeared, and that just sucks because you used to be guaranteed to find me on wherever there was live music and beer on Saturday nights. But those days are long-gone...... Anyway, the festival I have been dreaming up for the past few years is actually going to happen. Only this is we have too many chiefs--- we had to make some executive decisions this morning and just get it done.

And tonight I have a PTO meeting and then dinner out with two moms I have gotten to know through the school- fun! I miss my social life, and it's been nice to meet some new people and make some new friends. And drink a little beer.


Kate said...

Hmmm what kind of music??? May be worth the drive down to enjoy some music and beer - unless it shit kicking country!

I totally agree with the P about my eyes not being ready in the morning...I feel his pain. Maybe he and I are mutated from Gremlins!

Sasha said...

Indie rock mostly- but we aren't really limiting the genre- it just has to be originals and from this region. We are trying to get Polyphonic Spree as the headliner I think. I don't know their stuff- keep meaning to look them up. The date is April 26th.

Unknown said...

Your comment about the Wild Child cracked me up! The Manimal FINALLY stopped trying to eat ME just recently. I was the only one he would really BITE, and my shoulders had the bruises to prove it!

Rebecca said...

Wow, I had a lot of stuff to catch up on with you!!

Yay for the no biting day! And yay for fun with friends!

My daughter is a stripper too. And yes, when I got tired of her ripping her clothes of an peeing on the floor, I potty trained her. She still runs around naked most days, but at least she uses the potty.

Smoochiefrog said...

Yea for no biting! I hope it continued into today.

M is feeling great, thanks for asking. Next appt. is Tuesday and I'll post an update then.