Saturday, November 24, 2007

Shopping (shoe success) and parties

Believe it or not, two sorority sisters picked my lazy ass up at 4:45 am yesterday morning and we shopping until 3 pm! I actually just went to get a visual on this crazy Black Friday stuff, which I got a super taste of at Wally World at 5 am, and I figured if I found some good deals while I was out, that would just be a bonus. We had a super time, lots of gossiping involved and also some yummy eating and bargain hunting.

Now, this wasn't a bargain, but The Politician loves My Friends Tigger & Pooh, so when I saw this DVD, I had to get it for him, and of course I gave it to him yesterday, because it's a Christmas movie, and you can't really give a Christmas movie as a Christmas gift. I think he's watched it no less than 5 times already. Score 1 for momma.

I found The Holiday for $3.98 at Target! That was actually for me and not a gift, so I don't guess I was off to a very good start! I swear I've only seen about 4 or 5 movies since P was born in 2003, but this movie and also Love Actually were on my list to pick up this year.

And here's my shoes!!!!!!! Someone had suggested ballet flats, but since I'm only 5'2", I just don't think I can carry off flats and be dressed up. So I found these, which are an awesome compromise because they are actually a ballet flat with a little heel!!!!! They are made by Franco Sarto, who I have never heard of, and they were damn near $80, but hey, I am done. I tried on several pointy toed pair, but OMG, that broken toe is going to be a problem for me for the rest of my life. Just couldn't even smash that toe in there.... I guess that's what 4 swirls gets you.......
Last night was my niece's 4 year old birthday, OUTSIDE at 6:30 pm, and even though it was 80 degrees last Sunday, winter is finally here so it was below 40 last night. We bundled up the kiddos and continually wiped snot from their noses. They really did have a good time though, but the cake may have had something to do with that.
Hope you all had a great holiday and ate too much! I ate a bunch of Neiman Marcus bars for you. Did you make some?


Traci Anne said...

Those shoes are CUTE! OMG, I saw something today that made me think of you, and OF COURSE as soon as I opened the comment window, now I can't remember. Gah. But I will say this, the very first thing I plan to make in our new apartment are your NM bars!!

Heather said...

Those look like great shoes. I think I've seen that brand at Nordstrom before. I love The Holiday too - great movie. And that picture is precious. Just discovered your blog via Hello Darling.