Thursday, November 22, 2007

8 Interesting/Random Things About Me

Rebecca just tagged me, so here goes.

1. I must wear socks in bed because I cannot have my bare feet touching the sheets.

2. I can tap dance and remember how to do all the times steps, the buffalo, pull backs, wings etc.

3. I suck at history- don't know who fought in what war, etc. I also pay no attention to politics. I figure there are plenty of people out there taking care of it for me. Please don't judge me.

4. I am a math whiz. Love me some algebra.

5. I love wearing my contacts and my eyes actually feel better with them in. When I take them out, my eyes are very dry and hurt and I have to put drops in them about 5 times during the night.

6. I cannot wear lipgloss because it bleeds so bad into the lines around my mouth.

7. I must blowdry my bangs before I do anything else to get ready in the AM because I have a cow lick that makes them crazy if they dry on their own even just a little bit.

8. I absolutely love doing laundry. Best chore ever, seriously. Sometimes I want everyone to change their clothes just so I can start the washer.

I tag my dearest Kate, who I certainly did not mean to leave out last tag. And I also tag Hello Darling, whom I adore and she might just be my BFF if we lived closer together.

Oh, and a very Happy Turkey Day to you all. May you eat too much and get to take a big nap today.


Rebecca said...

I'm with you on the socks thing. Can't stand for me feet to touch the sheets! The laundry though...well, I'll just bring you some of mine since you love it so much! Cause I'm cool like that, anything to keep my friends happy . ;)

Traci Anne said...

OMG, I also LOVE doing laundry. It seriously ticks me off that we don't have washers and dryers in our apartments (unless we wanted to pay a LOT more) because I love doing it. That and ironing, which completely befuddles my mom!

Also, thanks for tagging me! You know I love being tagged! And yes, I TOTALLY agree that we'd be BFF in real life - your blog is such a hoot!