Tuesday, November 27, 2007

School pics

Holy crap, I just figured out how to get this copyrighted pic on here!!!! Of course, I'm not trying to do anything illegal, just show you guys how precious my little hellions are. The pic turned out pretty cute, especially since it's was taken at school. Phew, that was hard work, but I learned something new today, so go me!

On another note, I totally played the Santa Card yesterday, and told The Politician that it's very important to be good because Santa is watching and really wants him to be a good boy before Christmas. I stayed away from "If you are bad, you'll get no presents!" but I guess I implied it.... He was being rascally this AM and after I got on to him, he said, "So Santa is watching?" "Yep, buddy, he sure is...... Better etch that in your memory."

So I guess after Christmas, it's the Easter Bunny I can use?


Kate said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWW no other words....just that

Anonymous said...

Adorable children!

Traci Anne said...

Please, my mama still pulls the "Santa's watching!" thing on me. I'm all, Mama? I love you dearly but once I was three and started reading cursive? I realized it was YOU writing the "Love, Santa" notes. You have only yourself to blame.

Also, CUUUUUUUUTE. The ponytail on the top of the head just kills me, I love that! I feel a little sorry for my future kids - my daughter will resemble Cindy Lou Who for much of her childhood, giant bow and all.