Monday, November 12, 2007

Just call me

...... Mommio. Or at least, that's what The Politician is calling me these days. I assume he's being all Squirrel Nut Zippery and that's just his version of "Daddio", but who knows.

Also, he was giving me a Spanish lesson yesterday and telling me that he wanted to put on his "pantalonas", which I am 100% sure I didn't spell correctly, but he appeared to be talking about his pants.

And hey, does anyone want (need!) to apply for a Gymboree Visa? I've had mine for a few years, only to get the 5% discount on their clothes, and I also use that card exclusively to gas up, and I use the rewards to buy clothes on the clearance rack. They so kindly sent me a $25 off $50 coupon last month and I used it to buy The Wild Child bee-u-tiful Christmas dress in red plaid.

Anyhow, they are evidently offering a $20 sign up bonus if you sign up and use my referral code: 100 035 040. Here's the app:

In the spirit of full disclosure, I would also get a $20 bonus... but it's the holidays, and don't you just feel like giving?


Traci Anne said...

It TOTALLY counts as bilingual. Seriously. Also, if I had kiddos, I'd totally sign up for a Gymboree card with you, but considering I would only put their clothes on my puppy*, I don't think I'm qualified yet :)

*Because the only child-sized thing in my life for whom I would regularly buy clothing is my puppy, NOT because their clothes aren't cute or anything, because they TOTALLY are. I love their window displays :)

Smoochiefrog said...

I love their clothes but my budget doesn't. We also don't use credit cards, so it's a moot point.

It's spelled pantalones (close!)and they are his pants.

Kate said...

So, if you're Mommio, does that make Mr. Sasha Daddio? I can totally picture you too with berets in some beatnik coffee shop! :D