Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Politician is Just Like Momma

Today I was cutting up a banana for The Wild Child, and The Politician said, "Momma, will you please move the banana away from me? I can smell it and it's making me sick."

I was telling Mr. Sasha this story, and he said that P said this to him on Friday: "Daddy, please move that orange away from me, the smell is making me gag."

I myself absolutely cannot stand the smell or taste of bananas (except for banana Laffy Taffy), although I have NEVER said that out loud or in front of P. Somehow, he's picked up on it though, and I feel terrible about that.

So go ahead and give me the "My kid won't eat fruit and it's all my fault" bead for my Bad Mommy Vest.

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