Monday, November 12, 2007

Fun Lunch Hour

Crap, that was fun. I FINALLY went to the chi-chi boutique to spend my $150 gift card that Mr. Sasha bought me almost 2 years ago. He knew I had always wanted some pricey jeans, but he was crazy enough to get me the gift card when The Wild Child was 6 weeks old. What was he thinking? Only people like movie stars are back to their pre-baby weight in 6 weeks.

So now that she's 22 months old, things are back to normal and I feel like I am at the weight I want to be. So I headed over there... and walked out with some Paige Premium Demin boot-cut jeans. ClemsonGirl, I really need your help! I need to get them hemmed (read: get 15 inches hacked off), and I need to figure out shoes before I can do that. My fashionability is all on your back. Specs: I like somewhat of a heel since I am only 5'2"....... I just don't look right in flats. Smooches for your help!

Note: I did edit this- the original pic I posted was not the correct style, and it made it look like I might think I have the abs of an 18 year old, which I assure you I realize I do not. I am totally not into rocking the muffin top, don't worry.

On another note, have you had Sugar Plums? I got some at lunch because my favorite candy store just got them in stock. Every year around Christmas I go buy a bunch of these yummies and stuff myself silly and turn my tongue nice and purple. Go get some if you have never had them! They'll make your holiday season brighter, I promise!


Kate said...

Thanks for ruining my mental picture with the "rocking the muffin top" comment! Still love you though.

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

seriously sasha. you must STOP posting photos of my abs. it's just embarrassing for all of you to see how hot i am...

:) hee he

Traci Anne said...

OMG. I totally want sugar plums but a) juice diet and b) I don't know where to find them in NYC! I'm a fan of anything gummi and crystallized in sugar, however.

I've never tried Paige, but I LOVE Hudson, Sevens and Rock & Republic - I HATE low-rise jeans (muffin top. Not sexy.) and they're all just low enough in the front to be cute, but high enough in the back to be ladylike! And, um, I get ALL of mine on Craigslist and eBay, 'cause Mama taught me how to be a savvy shopper. (though with a $150 gift certificate? Oh man, I know what I want Boyfriend to get me at Christmas. Homegirl needs a new pair of Swarovski-crusted jeans. I may or may not be kidding.)