Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ask the Product Junkie: Eye Makeup Remover

Slim asked me the other day about eye makeup remover- she said she wasn't sure that she liked the Too Faced Lash Injection mascara because she was having trouble getting it off at the end of the day.

Turns out, she was using a different remover than me. I have been using the oil-free shake-up removers and they work great. Now, note that I also use a cotton round rather than a ball. Never had good luck with cotton balls.

Laurie (a Mary Kay consultant) left a comment a few weeks ago about her favorite remover, and I agree that it's a great product. I especially like that their bottle has a small opening that allows you to squeeze out just the amount you need rather than the wide opening that most of these type of removers have.
Now, the bargain shopper in me also needs to tell you about a cheaper version that I also like. You can typically find Neutrogena's version packed with two bottles together and sometimes you can even pair this find with a ECB deal at CVS- in fact, this week if you spend $15 on Neutrogena skin care, you get $5 ECB. Although it has the wider opening, I still like this product, especially at the price.

Anyway, using this type of remover will remove the fiber mascaras very well. Now, remember they come off differently. Your cotton round won't have black smeary stuff all over it, and you won't get black smear under your eyes. Instead, these mascaras come off in clumps- little balls of product. It's a much cleaner removal process that I just love.


Anonymous said...

sorry for the mix up. I was apparantly an author for a friends blog that is no longer being used! Ours is
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Sasha said...

Laurie, thanks! Got the link fixed!