Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Notes From School

Notes sent home yesterday:

The Politician had to talk to the director in her office for calling his teacher stupid.

We are so happy to have The Wild Child back. She was so sweet to all her friends. She kept hugging her teacher Ms. Q and telling her she missed her.

Well, that's a reversal, now isn't it?


Unknown said...

I teach preschool and one of my kids today called me stupid four times. Each time was only when his mother was there (two times during drop off, two times during pick up). He is three, almost four.

Am I stupid? Nope. Is he three and therefore, slightly insane? Yep. I crossed my eyes at him when Mom wasn't looking. And he stopped calling me stupid. Go fig-ah.

All that to say that kids do...stuff. And then they stop doing stuff. And then you regain your sanity. We are all in this together.

Beach Bum said...

Glad WC is happy to be back! :)
As far as P, well... guess you can't have it all! *smile*

Kate said...

Well, at least they are not both into trouble at the same time!