Saturday, April 5, 2008

For Holly: Target Liquid Dispensing System

I love this so much that I will actually pass on the of convenience of CVS's drive thru pharmacy and drag my two ornery kids smack dab in the middle of Target to pick my liquid meds up since I heart their liquid dispensing system so much.

See the pic above? There is this little insert in the bottle that allows you to insert your dosing syringe, flip it over, pull out just how much you need, flip the bottle back up, and voila! No mess!!!!!!

And if you ask super nice and bat your eyes a bit, they will even give you the inserts for your OTC meds like Motrin and Sudafed!!!!!!! Oh, it rocks. Best thing ever, and I totally should have thought of it.

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The Driftwood Collector said...

Ooooh. I must get some of those. I'll have to make a pilgrimage to Target.

~B. said...

What? I've spent a measley MILLION at Rite Aid and they give me nothing...nothing!!!

I am sooo checking into this...thanks for the heads up! :)

Jennifer said...

Oh how neat...and seems how I am in Target everyday I need to check these out!

Matt & Carrie said...

As a new mom, I had NO idea this was a new invention. This ranks up there with post-it notes in the "i-can't-believe-no-one-thought-of-
this-earlier" category. Still think someone should invent ultrasound rub-in lotion instead of that sticky stuff that gets all over your clothes. Wish I was a chemist....

Jen said...

Wow, thank you for this information. I am definitely getting my kids' scripts filled at Target from now on. Now that I know this is out there, I don't see how I could possibly go back to doing it the old way!

Traci Anne said...

Dear Target,

Please put a non-crappy store in Manhattan, plz?

TAK :)

Multislacking Mama said...

I *need* me about 16 of those!!!!!

MixMingleGlow said...

This is fabulous! Thank goodness for smart girls like you who share these kinds of great finds!

Thanks! :)


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